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This information also sent to all K-5 families via email December 11, 2020


Huntley 158 elementary families:

In the second semester, the District will aim to return to the greatest amount of in-person learning possible for elementary students while continuing to offer a fully remote option and maintaining fidelity to public health and safety guidelines. Based on feedback we have heard throughout the year, this is a goal we share with many from our community, staff, and students.  

To determine the model that will best achieve this goal will require our families to make a commitment to either 1) hybrid/in-person learning or 2) remote learning. This opt-in process will provide us with the numbers that are needed to determine how we can maximize the in-person experience for those opting for it. The exact model we are able to offer will be determined based on these numbers, specifically in relation to the number of students who may attend concurrently while maintaining fidelity to six feet social distancing guidelines. However, some core tenets of the return effort are known and outlined below.

The return plan will entail creating fully remote sections for students who select it. Please read below for the implications and factors that exist as we set a course for the rest of the school year.

Remote Learning Option

  • Students opting for the Remote Learning option will be placed in newly created, fully remote classes.
  • Remote students will be assigned a teacher fully committed to remote learning. This new teacher will be different from their current teacher.
  • Efforts will be made to assign students to new classes with current classmates/acquaintances.
  • Remote learning will continue in a robust full day schedule similar to the one currently in use.

Hybrid/In-person Option

  • The District will aim to maximize the amount of time students spend in-person while maintaining compliance with public health and safety guidelines.
  • Safety guidelines as previously developed for hybrid/in-person will continue, including wearing of masks and maintaining six feet of distance between desks.
  • Transportation will continue to be available for those opting for it. To help us make transportation efficient and effective, we ask those who are able to provide their own transportation to do so.
  • Depending on the number of families who opt for in-person learning, the model implemented could range from the current 2 half-day per week in-person model used in Semester 1, up to a 5 day per week in-person model. 
  • The District will aim to minimize the impacts on students and staff such as changing classes and moving classrooms. However, some shifts may be necessary depending on the number and distribution of students opting for in-person learning. 

Special Education

  • Students in self-contained special education programs will maintain their current schedule, programming, and approach.
  • Students with IEPs will continue to receive services and accommodations in ways compatible with the learning mode they select, with an aim to maximize in-person experiences for students with special needs.

The District will continue to follow the guidance of the McHenry County Department of Health, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Illinois State Board of Education in determining the timeframe for a return to in-person learning.

Opt-in Form

Please complete this form once for *each* K-5 student in your household by December 16, 2020