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Huntley 158 families,

We will be moving forward with a return to 5-day, full-day in-person instruction for in-person/hybrid students at the secondary level (grades 6-12) after Spring Break. Secondary schools will begin 5-day, full-day in-person learning on April 5.

More information about the factors leading to and details about this shift can be found in the presentation from the meeting or the video recording of the meeting.

Safety and Operations

  • This plan is in compliance with updated IDPH/ISBE guidelines to maintain 3+ feet of spacing between students, and in continued compliance with existing guidelines.
  • Middle Schools can manage lunches in cafeterias and a small number of classrooms.
  • High School can manage lunches in the cafeteria and Central gym.
  • The fully remote option will remain for those who have opted for it.


  • Thanks to a combination of tireless work from our staff members, favorable trends in staffing, and additional students no longer requiring transportation, we have overcome the initial transportation challenge we faced. 
  • At this time, this “full return” for secondary includes sufficient transportation capacity to service students who have been attending under the hybrid model. 
  • Remote students who have indicated a desire to switch to in-person who are able to provide their own transportation will be allowed to do so starting April 5. 
  • Remote students who have indicated a desire to switch to in-person who are in need of transportation will remain in remote learning until we have transportation availability.

Elementary Schools

  • No major changes to existing model.
  • Quarantine requirements remain in effect; therefore, a positive case may result in larger numbers of students to be quarantined due to spacing within 6 feet.
  • Current remote students on the waitlist to shift to in-person learning will begin the week of April 5, based on transportation availability.

Special Services Walk-in Therapy 

  • Some of our remote students who receive related services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, will be invited to participate in a walk-in therapy option based upon progress toward their related services goals
  • Families will receive communication next week from the Special Services Administrators in their buildings. 
  • Walk-in therapy will begin the week of April 5th, based on their student’s regularly scheduled therapy times 
  • Should parents decide to decline the walk-in therapy, their student(s) will continue to receive related services through remote instruction, as has been happening throughout the school year

We are excited to take these next steps, and we thank you for the continued support you have shown throughout this most challenging year.


Scott Rowe, Ed.D.