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At its April 15 meeting, the Huntley Community School District 158 Board of Education recognized 21 winners in the Young Authors Contest. This optional program encourages students in grades K-8 to become involved in the authoring process, using their skills to create an original written work.

Winners are invited to participate in a statewide conference sponsored by the Illinois Reading Council. This spring, school districts and regional offices of education throughout the state are recognizing winners at the local level.

Huntley 158 winners and their winning works were:

Chesak Elementary

  • Kindergarten: Darien Crygier, “The Orange Dog and the Blue Dolphin”
  • 1st grade, Ryan Krauss, “Dreamland”
  • 2nd grade, Amber Drago, “Kevin The Butterfly”

Martin Elementary

  • 3rd grade: Bryan Mickelson, “The Three Reindeer”
  • 4th grade: Adriana Armstrong, “Hannah’s Adventure on the Moon”
  • 5th grade: Nicholas Kasperek, “The Amazing Ninja Cat”

Mackeben Elementary

  • Kindergarten: Blake Lauer, “Fred Gets Stuck”
  • 1st grade: Reagan Rogers, “Llama Drama”
  • 2nd grade: Anthony Bojovic, “Tyler The Walking, Talking Toothbrush”

Conley Elementary

  • 3rd grade, Nathan Stary, “Monkey and Aye-Aye Become Friends”
  • 4th grade, Ava Partridge, “The Adventures of Corgi the Corgi”
  • 5th grade, Isabella Amador, “Disable”

Leggee Elementary

  • 1st grade, Lily Landrgraf, “Unicorn Tales”
  • 2nd grade, Blake Cushman, “The Super Food Truck Stand”
  • 3rd grade, Calix Ramos, “The Flushers”
  • 4th grade, Grayson Ruth, “The Great Adventure of Captain Dog”
  • 5th grade, Keeli Davis, “Magic in the Forest”

Marlowe Middle School

  • Julieta Ceballos, “Sunflower”
  • Neha Gopalakrishnan, “The Hidden Prophecy”

Heineman Middle School

  • Tanush Gulati, “The Midnight Key”
  • Sruthi Guda, “House of Lightning”