Huntley 158 Seal

Dear Huntley 158 Staff & Families, 

As you may be aware, there are two different lawsuits in Illinois regarding COVID mitigations and school districts. Huntley 158 is one of many school district defendants named in one of these lawsuits. The lawsuit in which our district is named, Austin v. Pritzker, was brought by parents across the state against 145 school districts and the State regarding the mask mandate and the requirement that districts exclude close contacts from school. 

Yesterday afternoon, on February 4, the judge released a ruling on this case which could impact our current COVID-19 mitigation efforts in schools. We want to make you aware that our administrative team is currently working in consultation with our attorneys to review the ruling and the ways in which it could impact our students and staff. We will communicate more details about the results of this case as soon as they are made available. Staff and parents can expect an update from Huntley 158 with further information tomorrow, Sunday, February 6.

We remain focused on prioritizing safe, in-person learning for all of our students. Thank you for your patience as we work through the judge’s ruling and our steps forward. We appreciate your continued support.


Scott Rowe, Ed.D.