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All Illinois school board members must receive training in professional development leadership (P.A. 97-8) and the Open Meetings Act (P.A. 97-504). Mandatory training will also be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented in each school district. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120, Board Member Development.

The following table contains mandatory and non-mandatory training and development activities that were completed by each Board member. When the training was provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity.

Date Completed
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Fleck MichaelKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Fleck MichaelGet Your Message Out: Your Role in Crafting an Effective Public Image11/17/2017
Fleck MichaelJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Fleck MichaelKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting09/22/2016
Fleck MichaelPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Fleck MichaelPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Fleck MichaelCollective Bargaining11/21/2014
Fleck MichaelBoard Presidents11/16/2013
Fleck MichaelBasics of Governance05/11/2013
Fleck MichaelOMA05/10/2013
Fleck MichaelPDLT/PERA05/10/2013
Geheren WilliamJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Geheren WilliamJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Geheren WilliamPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Geheren WilliamPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Geheren WilliamPDLT/PERA11/20/2015
Geheren WilliamMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Geheren WilliamThe Trust Edge11/21/2014
Geheren WilliamLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Geheren WilliamDiversity & Inclusion11/16/2012
Geheren WilliamInspiring Trust11/16/2012
Geheren WilliamVision Value Conflicts & Choices11/18/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Finance06/18/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Law on Board Meetings06/17/2011
Geheren WilliamBasics of Governance06/16/2011
Gentry KevinJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Gentry KevinJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Gentry KevinSchool Finance for School Board Members11/18/2016
Gentry KevinPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Gentry KevinSchool Finance for Board Members11/20/2015
Gentry KevinSocial Media11/20/2015
Gentry KevinPDLT/PERA11/21/2014
Gentry KevinOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Gentry KevinData First11/18/2011
Gentry KevinThe Board's First Responsibility11/19/2010
Gentry KevinDiversity & Inclusion11/20/2009
Gentry KevinSuperintendent Evaluation08/13/2009
Gentry KevinSchool Law & Finance06/08/2007
Melendy LesliKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Melendy LesliJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb Basics of Governance06/03/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb OMA06/02/2017
Melendy LesliNew Board Member Workshops - DeKalb PDLT/PERA06/02/2017
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 2018 11/16/2018
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Quagliano AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Quagliano AnthonyPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Quagliano AnthonyClosing the Gaps AM11/20/2015
Quagliano AnthonyPDLT/PERA11/21/2014
Quagliano AnthonyLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Quagliano AnthonyOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Quagliano AnthonyFinancial Oversight Essentials11/19/2010
Quagliano AnthonyThe Board and its Superintendent11/21/2008
Quagliano AnthonyMaking Meetings Matter11/16/2007
Troy PaulDivision Officer 2018-1901/02/2019
Troy PaulDelegate Assembly11/18/2018
Troy PaulJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Troy PaulImprove the Board, Improve Student Achievement: eXceptional Governance11/16/2018
Troy PaulDeep Equity Lens: A Systemic Leadership Process11/16/2018
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Troy PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium06/09/2018
Troy PaulCourse: Test Course Community Engagement06/01/2018
Troy PaulDivision Officer 2017-1812/11/2017
Troy PaulJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Troy PaulGet Your Message Out: Your Role in Crafting an Effective Public Image11/17/2017
Troy PaulFellow Pilot Participation07/14/2017
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting03/23/2017
Troy PaulNettelhorst Elementary School Tour11/18/2016
Troy PaulIASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Troy PaulA Courageous Conversation About Race and Its Impact on Achieving Equity in Schools11/18/2016
Troy PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting09/22/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy Paul2015-2016 Summary 06/30/2016
Troy PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium 201606/18/2016
Troy PaulPre-netFORUM History06/04/2016
Troy PaulClosing the Gaps AM11/20/2015
Troy PaulSocial Media PM11/20/2015
Troy PaulMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Troy PaulThe Trust Edge11/21/2014
Troy PaulLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Troy PaulTough Talking11/16/2013
Troy PaulProfessional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members05/10/2013
Troy PaulPDLT/PERA05/10/2013
Troy PaulSchool Board Accountability11/16/2012
Troy PaulOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Troy PaulVision Value Conflicts & Choices11/18/2011
Troy PaulThe Board's First Responsibility11/19/2010
Troy PaulCollective Bargaining11/20/2009
Troy PaulSuperintendent Evaluation08/13/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Finance08/08/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Governance08/06/2009
Troy PaulBasics of Law on Board Meetings08/06/2009
Walker Ra'ShawnJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnPDLT and PERA Training for School Board Members11/16/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Walker Ra'ShawnCourse: Open Meetings Act (OMA) Training 2.1*09/21/2018