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To reach the Fiscal Services Department, please call or email the relevant staff member directly.

Mark Altmayer
Chief Financial Officer
(847) 659-6111
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Paul Benz
Payroll Assistant
(847) 659-6119
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Deb Gaylor
Accounts Payable Clerk
(847) 659-6114
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Darleen Hoffmann
Special Education Finance Specialist
(847) 659-6134
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Anna Meyer
Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
(847) 659-6113
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Thomas Rodriguez
Staff Accountant
(847) 659-6129
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Donna Runyon
Clerk Purchasing
(847) 659-6115
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Kimieth Rutherford
(847) 659-6116
Payroll Manager
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Jennifer Sykora
Director of Fiscal Services
(847) 659-6118
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