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As a function of our normal classroom activities, Huntley Community School District uti­lizes sev­eral com­puter soft­ware appli­ca­tions and web-based ser­vices, oper­ated not by the district, but by third par­ties.  We have carefully vetted these tools to ensure that they are safe for students to use and are COPPA and SOPPA compliant. Click here for the list of applications and tools that Huntley Community School District has Data Privacy Agreements with as a part of our Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) compliance.

In order for our stu­dents to use these pro­grams and ser­vices, cer­tain per­sonal iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion, gen­er­ally the student’s name and email address, must be pro­vided to the website oper­a­tor.  Under the fed­eral law titled the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), these websites must pro­vide parental noti­fi­ca­tion and obtain parental con­sent before col­lect­ing per­sonal infor­ma­tion from chil­dren under the age of 13. For more information on COPPA, please visit

For more information on COPPA, please visit this link to the Federal Trade Commission’s Frequently Asked Questions Page.

For more information on SOPPA, please visit this link to Huntley Community School District Student Data Privacy Page.

The law per­mits districts such as ours to con­sent to the col­lec­tion of per­sonal infor­ma­tion on behalf of all of its stu­dents, thereby elimi­nat­ing the need for indi­vid­ual parental con­sent given directly to the website operator. Before doing so, the District is providing you with this notice. Please note that your child’s teacher will determine which specific tools from the approved list will be used in their classroom. If you are concerned about your child using any of these tools, please contact your child’s teacher to see if it is a tool they are using.